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End of Lease Cleaning Clayton

At On-Foot Cleaning Services we love nothing more than our customers. Their quintessential cleaning requirements are what we thrive on. We understand the hassle and hard work associated with cleaning the house on your own especially with kids and a lot of space. Moreover, without professional expertise, it is easy to use wrong cleaning products and tools leaving you more frustrated in the end. Therefore, we are more than delighted to be at your service for your end of lease cleaning Clayton.


Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

Finding a cheap end of lease cleaning is a headache for any tenant and is the sole reason why people often do not opt for a vacate cleaning in the first place. However, we provide affordable and irresistible move-out cleaning solutions.
In addition to that, we also ensure 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction by our hard-working and professional cleaners. Our cost-effective and best end of lease guarantee cleaning service includes:

⦁ Living Halls/Rooms
⦁ Kitchen & Appliances
⦁ Bathrooms
⦁ Bedrooms
⦁ Hallways
⦁ Windows
⦁ Garages
⦁ Balconies
⦁ Backyards/Patios

Moving and Cleaning – A Recipe for Stress or Relief

Moving is stressful, there is no unwanted doubt regarding it. However, cleaning too is a mandatory activity which must be performed before moving in or out, especially when it is bond cleaning. It requires a lot of hard od patience, hard work and no to forget, some cleaning expertise.
Because most of the times tenants often forget to take into consideration the expectations of the landlords of real estate agents. Thus, leading to miscommunication and misdirection with your deposits.

Need for Professionals

Furthermore, many tenants often harbour a misconception that end of tenancy cleaning by oneself is economical. Yes, moving from a place to another is expensive and while you make be looking to cut corners monetarily, it is often recommended to hire a team of professionals for bond back cleaning if you want 100% of your deposit back.
Our cleaners are well adept at end of lease cleaning Melbourne. Armed with state-of-the-art professional tools, equipment and extensive cleaning expertise, they provide the best end of lease vacate cleaning.
For the end of lease cleaning quote, services, reviews and inclusions you can reach us over call/email/web and our customer support will be overjoyed to solve any of your problems and answer all your burning questions.

100% Bond back Guaranteed Service

End of lease bond cleaning is a crucial exercise because the stakes are high with your bond and cleaning experience and our reputation and performance. Hence, we request our customers to follow a few simple instructions. While simple, they can be forgotten during the move. So, we sincerely request that our customers pay heed to them significantly.
The best time for the end of lease apartment cleaning if when the premises are empty and free of any clutter. In simpler terms, avail our services just before moving into an apartment or in the end when you have completely moved out of your existing building. But it is easier said than done. If you have boxes lying around then please stack them in a separate area or corner so that to allow a safe environment for our cleaning staff to perform their duties.

Professional Cleaning

Planning is a quintessential aspect of our job. Our testament to the best end of lease cleaning is evident from our intentions, transparency and most importantly communication. To achieve the best results for a cheap bond back cleaning with rewarding customer experience, we advise you to book our services at least one week before you handover the apartment to your landlord.
Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with our cleaners, you can simply reach out to us and we will schedule another round of cleaning for you free of cost. In the end, our topmost priority is 100% customer guarantee. To judge us better, you can look at what our customers think of us. The experiences of past and current clients is readily available in the form end of lease cleaning reviews on our website.

Exemplary End of Lease Cleaning Service

Apart from being well-renowned, our cleaning crew and contractors are exceptionally professional with their tools, techniques and services. They are worth every dollar of your deposit bond and leave your home in a clean and immaculate state once they finish cleaning your apartment. We are the best experts in end of lease cleaning services because of our ideologies.

Expert Hands

⦁ Cleaning experts with the highest standard of service
⦁ Top-notch cleaning equipment and highly trained crew
⦁ Equipped with the advanced and latest knowledge in cleaning technology
⦁ Detailed analysis while choosing chemicals and cleaning products to ensure safety and hygiene

Affordable and Best

Regardless of the factors involved surrounding the cost of end of lease cleaning, you can always rely on us to provide you with cost-effective pricing. We are well renowned for both, best end of lease cleaning and price-effective deals for the same.

Sustainable and Environment-Friendly

We refrain from using commonly use hazardous and commercial grade cleaning chemicals. Our cleaning toolkit is environment friendly with a focus on sustainability. Our commitment is not only to keep your home clean and green but also the planet as well. Hence, our entire line of cleaning products and tools are biodegradable without any adverse effects on individuals or the environment.

100% Customer Satisfaction

As mentioned earlier, we keep our customer at the core of everything we do. We promise to make your home squeaky clean and immaculate and we aim to deliver on it. Customer satisfaction is the most vital thing for us and if you are not happy with our service, we would love to have another chance at resolving your grievances.
We will send in our cleaning experts within 48 hours of your appointment without any additional charges. Most of all, our experts are well-aware of the RTA cleaning requirements of your landlord or real estate agent and help you make the most of your bond cleaning. Thus, enabling you to get the best out of your tenancy agreement and 100% bond back.