House Cleaning Melbourne

We are a well-renowned team of expert cleaning professionals dedicated to enchant you with our cleaning magic. Our service focuses on seamless customer experience from booking to feedback so that you can enjoy living in your home without any hassles. Our booking, cleaning appointments and customer feedback are engulfed in a simple and efficient online process.

Domestic Cleaning of your home is not a small deal and it is quintessential to hire the best. With top-notch cleaning professionals, venerated contractors and customer-oriented personnel, we promise to make your home look immaculate while you can sit back and relax. Here are some of our cleaning categories for you to choose from.

Categories of Home Cleaning

Fast Home Cleaning

Guests and surprise visits often blow in your face if your home is in a stale state. Not only does it tarnish your image as an immaculate person but it also discourages visitors to come to your doorstep.

Moreover, cleaning your home in a short span without any professional expertise can be daunting. Before you lose all hope, simply reach out to us and our cleaning wizardry would make your dreams come alive.

Our fast home cleaning Melbourne is a service designed specifically for individuals expecting desirable cleaning results in a short span. All you have to do is book our service and schedule a cleaning appointment on the same day. We will be at your home in hours with a detailed cleaning plan to render your house spot-free.

Our cleaning experts will work with you to go the extra mile so that you can make an everlasting impression on your guests. Furthermore, we would be blazing fast in our endeavor without comprising on the quality of cleaning.

Home Cleaning – End of Lease Cleaning

Are you a tenant on the end of your lease and want every cent of your deposit back from the home-owner? Or are you a home-owner who is sure of the mess that would follow as your tenant nears the end of their lease?

Regardless, preventing a mess of your home is a must thing before you to hand over space to your owner or your next tenant. Don’t worry; we have got your back!

We provide a supreme quality end of lease home cleaning Melbourne for both home-owners and tenants. Our primary objective is to get your home rid of dirt, marks and spots so that your home looks pristine and beautiful. In addition to that, our end-of-lease cleaning is a guaranteed bond back service. If your owner is not happy with the cleaning, we will always return to prove ourselves in the next 24 hours.

Home Cleaning – Once Off

Is it an anniversary or a birthday or any other wild party event and the aftermath is a difficult cleaning chore for you? Home cleaning post an event is a challenging and strenuous job especially if it is a Sunday.

While you are all tired from the party, you are worried about cleaning the mess on a weekday despite your professional duties. All we have got to say to you is RELAX!

It’s simple to avail our once-off home cleaning expertise and we will be at your doorstep the very next day. However, the best part is that you need not be present and we would still clean your home. Drop-in a key to us or your neighbor and we will come and scrub your home clean of all filth and dirt.

Moreover, if you are unhappy about the cleaning service in your absence, you can schedule a re-service in your presence anytime over the next 36-48 hours.

Home Cleaning – Regular

Cleaning is not an occasional chore and must be undertaken frequently to ensure that your home remains in the best of the state through the years. Regular home cleaning is an absolute necessity for all home-owners.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. If anything, regular home cleaning requires proper planning and strategizing so that you can clean each corner, niche, tile, door and window in your home.  Even more, it can be a difficult task to accomplish if you are underprepared for it.

Hence, let that burden fall on our shoulders because we are the best to shoulder it. Our regular home cleaning comprises of an intricately detailed plan considering all the rooms, bathrooms, other additional areas, electronic equipment and anything else you need. In simpler terms, you would be delighted by our service and cleaning quality for a perfect regular home cleaning.

Oven Cleaning

Cooking is an amazing hobby to have but only the cook has a precise idea of how messy things can get. Especially when it comes to baking a cake or cooking a meal in an oven. Bacteria often accumulate if the oven is not cleaned properly making it unhealthy and unsanitary.

But, an oven is an electronic appliance which must be handled with care and safety precautions. Moreover, if you are inexperienced you can unknowingly cause damage to your oven. Hence, to have your oven cleaned in a safe yet effective manner, pick up your phone and book us!

Our cleaning contractors are best of the best and that reflects supremely in our oven cleaning service. We will clean your oven thoroughly from the inside and the outside. Also, you can be assured because we will get rid of those greasy layers of food spills and stains as well.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Deep cleaning of various electronic appliances is a tedious cleaning task, especially with little/spare time. However, a refrigerator is a quintessential part of everyone’s daily life. Hence, refrigerator cleaning is vital for hygiene and sanitation, not to forget the visual aesthetics.

Though it may be hard you can always trust our refrigerator cleaning workers to completely satisfy your cleaning requirements. Our cleaning methods are aligned with safeguarding the quality of your storage. We understand the importance of cleaning a place where you store food and we take special efforts not to damage anything during our cleaning regime.

Refrigerators often getting messy with food spills and stains. We are well qualified to deep clean your refrigerator and our cleaning service takes care of the inside as well as the outside shining of your refrigerator.

Registered NDIS Cleaning Service

We are a proud part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) where-in we support families and services across Australia. Thus, we offer a wide range of cleaning services to disabled people under NDIS thereby assisting them in managing their houses in the best way possible.

Our support extends not only to NDIS support workers but also to other self-managed participants enabling them to find local contractors and service providers. We also provide extensive assistance to the members to help them create a plan based on their cleaning needs and requirements.

Our services for NDIS members come with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction and 24×7 re-service facility in case of any disappointment with regards to the cleaning. Because, we prioritize to improve the lives of the participants by assisting them constantly to manage their homes on a daily, weekly, monthly or one-off basis.

What’s included in House Cleaning?

Hiring a home cleaning crew can be easy yet confusing. Most of the times as cleaners arrive at your place; you realize that the service inclusions don’t align with your anticipation. The expectations aren’t met leaving you disappointed post-cleaning.

We understand that difference of perception which can emerge between our professional cleaners and customer. Hence, it is imperative to identify service inclusions which you can avail as part of normal cleaning and other add-on services offered alongside regular cleaning.

Always Included

  • Cleaning Team (Normally – 2, For Small Houses – 1)
  • Easy Customer Service (Phone, Email, Chat)
  • Cleaning Supplies and Tools (Mops and Vacuums)
  • 100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Extra Cleaning

Apart from bedrooms and bathrooms, we also clean some additional areas and electronic appliances for you in our home cleaning packages. Some of them are highlighted below.

Inside Oven

Our house cleaning service includes cleaning of the oven from the inside. We will get your oven rid of all the stains and food spills so that it shines like it was brought home newly. Our cleaners are top-notch experts and handle your appliances with safety and care.

Inside fridge

In addition to oven cleaning, we will also deep clean the bacteria and spills in your refrigerator. Our deep cleaning refrigerator cleaning is completely safe and devoid of any harmful substances. We understand the significance of the food your store inside your fridge and ensure not malign the cleaning experience for you.

Inside Cupboards

Don’t worry about the dust settled in the corners and crevices of your cupboards. Our expert cleaning professionals are more than adept to scrub the inside of your cupboards. Apart from your beds, let your cupboards also look new and beautiful with our home cleaning.


Our home cleaning services also include cleaning of all your dishes. We will make your porcelain china set shine brighter with our top of the end cleaning products. Our cleaners will handle all your dishes gently with care.


Dish-Washer is a significant appliance and hence, it is a good idea to clean it regularly. However, often people engage in superficially cleaning the dish-washer. Therefore, we make it a point to deep clean your dishwasher as a part of our home cleaning service.

Microwave Cleaning

All appliances must be handled delicately and we act on it in principle. Our cleaning staff knows that a microwave if left unclean is a hazardous risk. So, our home cleaning consists of deep microwave cleaning so that your food cooking skills don’t hamper.

Grout Cleaning

Bathrooms are the most important area in any household. While our home cleaning service will sparkle your bathroom, it will also ensure that your grouts are tidy as well.  Grout cleaning is offered as a part of our home cleaning package so that your bathroom scintillates brightly.

Fold Washings

Technology has made washing machines smarter so that they can not only wash and dry your clothes but also fold them too. Our home cleaning solutions include scrubbing and tidiness of your fold washings so that you don’t have to shoulder the hassle of cleaning your fold washing tools.

Bed Changing

Apart from cleaning every inch of your bedroom, our home cleaners will also help you with bed changing. From washing bed sheets and cleaning of mattresses to loading the bed, our cleaners are well-versed in bed changing. As a part of our home cleaning package, we will take care of all your bedroom woes for you.


Our cleaning services are a perfect solution and they also include ironing as well. We don’t restrict ourselves to simply cleaning your bedsheets, mattress protectors and curtains. We go beyond your expectations and also provide ironing service as an add-on to our home cleaning.

Wall Cleaning

Other than rooms, areas and appliances, our home cleaning service also consists of wall cleaning. Disinfecting the walls of your home and making them squeaky clean is our responsibility. We refrain from using any cleaning tools which may cause damage to your walls thereby providing 100% happiness guaranteed.

Window Cleaning

In addition to the aforementioned cleaning services, we also offer window cleaning as well. Our expert cleaners will mop and scrub the glasses of all the windows and also vacuum the window silts for dust and other dirt for a pleasant and ultimate customer experience.