End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

At On-Foot Cleaning Services our customers are our everything. Their quintessential cleaning needs constantly drive us to achieve excellence. We are aware of the problems and the hassles associated with bond back cleaning of your house. Moreover, without professional knowledge, it is easy to use incorrect cleaning products and tools leaving you more frustrated in the end. Therefore, we are more than happy to be the reason for getting your bond back. Here is a checklist of the all that’s included in our move-out cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist


  • All Cupboards (in and out)
  • Washing of all surfaces and countertops
  • Cleaning of appliances (Oven, refrigerator, microwave, freezer, dishwasher – Additional labour applicable)
  • Cleaning of grill and cooktop
  • Sinks and Taps (Descaling included)
  • Cleaning of windows, sills, tracks, frames and fly screens
  • Sweeping/Vacuuming and washing of floors
  • Dusting off blinds


  • Cleaning of taps, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs
  • Manual cleaning of tiles
  • Removal of moulds from tiles, walls, and ceilings
  • Washing shower curtains
  • Cleaning of shower heads, doors, and enclosures
  • Cleaning of cabinets, mirrors, and storage areas
  • Cleaning of surface areas
  • Sweeping and washing of floors

Living Rooms

  • Dusting and washing of all surfaces
  • Cleaning of mirrors
  • Dusting of fans and air conditioning units
  • Cleans of ac filters
  • All cupboards, wardrobes, and cabinets
  • Vacuuming of sofas, floors, and carpets
  • Cleaning of walls, windows, frames, and surface areas.


  • Dusting of all surfaces
  • Washing of all surfaces
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Dusting fans
  • Cleaning of air-conditioning units
  • Cleaning of wardrobes, cupboards, and storages
  • Dusting and cleaning of skirting boards
  • Spot cleaning of windows, walls, sills, and internal tracks
  • Dusting off blinds

Dining Rooms

  • All surfaces to be dusted and washed
  • Mirrors to be cleaned
  • Fans to be dusted
  • Servicing and cleaning of filters in air-conditioning units
  • Wardrobes and cupboards to be cleaned
  • Blinds to be dusted and cleaned
  • Vacuum floors and carpets
  • Walls and Windows to be dusted can spot cleaned
  • Windowsills and tracks to be vacuumed and cleaned


  • Only Sweeping


What is the cost of end of lease cleaning?

The cost of end of tenancy cleaning varies depending on several factors such as the size of the property, number of rooms, the state of the house etc. Generally, the average charges for cleaning a 3-Bed, 2-Bathroom unit costs anywhere between $399 to $599. The cost mainly covers deep cleaning of the entire property from the inside including windows and appliances.

What is the process to book a Vacate Cleaning service?

The process to avail services is seamless and efficient. Visit our website and get a free quote based on your cleaning requirements or simply reach out to our 24×7 customer service for any cleaning related queries. In addition to that, you can also utilize our live-chat facility for bookings and queries.

What is the average time/hours required for bond cleaning?

Depending on the condition of your home, move-out cleaning can take anywhere between a couple of hours to an entire day. However, the approximate time taken to clean a decent conditioned 1 Bedroom Home/Apartment is 3-4 hours.

Is it possible to re-schedule the cleaning appointment?

Re-scheduling is free of cost and completely possible. Our only request is that you intimate us about the same in advance to re-schedule the date of cleaning appointment with your preferences.

Does the end of lease vacate cleaning come with a guarantee?

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any issues with our cleaning services, we would be more than happy to re-send out cleaners and re-do the end of lease apartment cleaning free without charging anything extra.

Are the cleaners skilled and knowledgeable?

Yes, absolutely! Our cleaners are highly trained individual possessing immense expertise and knowledge in the field. They are also fully aware of the Health and Safety standards associated with the cleaning industry.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We support all types of Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) for payments. You can also choose to pay by cash.

What about damages incurred during the cleaning?

We are professional cleaners and our services are licensed and insured. Any damages caused to your property by us while cleaning will be taken care off and paid for.

Do you provide services like carpet cleaning and pest control?

Yes, those services can be additionally requested when you book our end of lease cleaning services. Moreover, upon request we can also help you avail them at a discounted price alongside the bond back cleaning so that you do not have to waste your tome hiring another company for it.

Do you provide the necessary cleaning tools and equipment?

Our state-of-the-art toolkit consists of everything needed for the best end of lease bond cleaning. Our professionals will bring the complete set of cleaning materials and all we would need is running water and electric power.

How many cleaners will be sent?

The ideal team size for a cheap bond back cleaning is 2 or 3 cleaners. However, for larger apartments we often send a 4/5 cleaners. Similarly, for remote/smaller properties one cleaner suffices too!

How do you clean carpets?

As a part of the end of lease cleaning Melbourne, we thoroughly clean your carpets with a vacuum. Furthermore, we also take into consideration your requests to user hot water extraction and other such methods to restore the glory of your carpet. The best way to avail amazing carpet cleaning service is to opt it as an additional package alongside the normal package for the best end of lease cleaning Melbourne guarantee.

What if my landlord has issues with the condition of the house post the cleaning service?

Under such circumstances, we would be more than willing to arrange another cleaning appointment of you hour free of cost to address the problem areas. Our best end of lease cleaning Melbourne comes with a 3-day guarantee thus, you can avail the re-cleaning appointment within that period, and we will send back the cleaning team at your place for any issues.

What does Bond Back Cleaning Guarantee mean?

As a cleaning company our objective is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our services. Bond Back Cleaning Guarantee helps us to establish trustworthy relations with our customer. It means that if post-cleaning, the real-estate agent, or your landlord finds any problems related to our cleaning, we will return to fix the issues free of cost. However, do note that this does not cover any damages that happened to the apartment during the period of the tenancy.

Do you work on hourly basis?

Our cheap end of lease cleaning focuses on a fixed rate for the complete cleaning task from start to finish. Hence, our end of lease cleaning quote is fixed and agreed upon before your appointment. There exists no time limit on our cleaning regime and we promise to clean each corner, crevice, room, and area as per your requirements. Most of the tenants on the end of their lease have a stiff budget and would love to know first-hand the cost they would incur.

Is gardening available along with move-out cleaning?

Our association with diversely skilled contractors enables us to provide gardening services on request for your bond back garden cleanings woes.

What all is included in an end of lease cleaning?

The cleaning package includes deep cleanings of all your bedrooms and bathrooms. It also consists of making your entire kitchen along with appliances spot-free. In addition to that, the end of lease cleaning also involves cleaning of laundry, walls, windows, carpets and any additional areas you want to take care off. Outside areas such as backyard, front yard, garage, balconies, driveways, gardens can also be included in the package at your request.

Why to hire professional cleaners?

Your time

Moving out is a busy and time-consuming process. Add cleaning to it and you will be stressed. Professional cleaners can help make the most of your time and deposit.

Experienced Cleaner

Another reason to hire professionals is the experience they possess. The experts are aware of the standard cleaning procedures and more efficient than yourself. Moreover, they possess the right set of tools and chemicals needed for the best end of lease cleaning results. Something, which you might not have the knowledge and can cause you more harm as you are moving out


Tenants often think that end of lease cleaning is costly and end up losing a major part of their bond. Hence, it makes sense to avail cost-effective cleaning solutions, so they don’t have to compromise on their deposits.

Job creation

Another reason for hiring professional cleaners to generate job opportunities for those who are in dire need of work.

Hassle-free Moving out

Following the standard policy, the real estate agent or the homeowner will visit the property to ascertain the condition of the apartment at the end of the lease. If you have cleaned the house yourself, they may find problems and you would be required to redo all your hard work to meet their expectations. Taking time off for cleaning from routine life can be difficult.

Hiring a team of professional cleaners will only make the entire event hassle-free because they are adept at cleaning the house as per the expectations of the real estate agent or the owner. Moreover, if they aren’t happy with the cleaning, you can always schedule for a re-cleaning without any additional cost because of the Bond Back Guarantee, cleaning services often provide.


Consider person A who is paying $200 for end of lease cleaning by a professional and another person B who has undertaken the cleaning all by himself and saved $50-$70 because of that. While person B had it cheap, they don’t have a bond-back guarantee which person A does. If the agent/owner find any problems with the cleaning, it would only add to the woes of person B.

Under close consideration, person A has made a wise decision by hiring a professional cleaning service. Now, person A can have peace of mind and doesn’t have to worry about anything. Thus, hiring a professional cleaning agency is economical not only in monetary aspects but also in psychological aspects as well.

Huge difference

The difference in cleaning undertaken by yourself and the professionals is huge and many times the resulting factor in determining the amount of bond you might get back.

Do you do Maintenance Work in bond-back cleaning?

Currently, we do not offer any maintenance service add-ons with our end of lease cleaning. However, we partner with innumerable contractors and handymen for your maintenance woes. Their services will be available to you for a cost-effective price.

How long have you been doing this?

We have been of offering home cleaning services in Melbourne since 2010. We are an old, reliable and reputed organization in the cleaning industries and our end of lease cleaning Melbourne reviews are a testament to our quality and service.

Who is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance at the end of tenancy?

It is the sole responsibility of the tenant to give the apartment/house back to the owner/agent in the same condition they received it at the start of the tenancy. However, the maintenance of the property is the owner’s responsibility.

Why should you be hired?

On-Foot cleaners have been associated with the cleaning industry for a long time. Our experience in handling a plethora of cleaning requirements from greasy kitchens to dusty carpets and oily appliances to dirty bathrooms have helped us become the pioneers in cleaning. Our cleaning staff is highly skilled and extremely professional. They are fully aware of the standard guidelines, practices and cleaning expectations associated with the end of lease cleaning.

Furthermore, our cleaning services are fully insured so you don’t have to worry about any damage you incur during the cleaning. A well-established trust with more than fifty agents in Melbourne and over 100+ online reviews are the foundations we have built ourselves on. Hiring a professional cleaning service for your end of lease woes is preferable to secure 100% of your deposit back.