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Living in a clean and tidy house is not only must but also quintessential so that you can be happy and enjoy every moment with your family. However, it is easier said than done. Let us shoulder your cleaning woes while you sit back, relax and enjoy your freedom with your family. We promise to make your house sparkling, immaculate and celestial.


In the simplest of words, our mission is to become the most sought after and highly venerated cleaners Melbourne. This allows us to constantly best ourselves and provides a simple yet extremely professional service to all our customers.


To cater successfully to the needs of all of our stakeholders, our vision relies fundamentally on their expectations.


We believe in impressing our customers by promising less and delivering beyond their expectations.
⦁ Simple and automated booking systems
⦁ Flexible pricing and customizable plans
⦁ 100% client satisfaction
⦁ Stellar professional cleaners
⦁ Fast and reliable customer support


The crucial aspect of our family, our employees are at the forefront of our vision. We want them to not only feel challenged but also feel valued with a focus on mutual growth.

⦁ Equal opportunities for career development
⦁ Welcoming of ideas
⦁ Respected and Valued


We aspire to make our contractors feel like a part of an ever-growing family and appreciate them for helping us deliver our goals.

⦁ Honesty and Reliability
⦁ Understand complexities
⦁ Respect and Appreciation




We believe in being trustworthy and therefore, you get what you are promised. Our pricing is flexible and transparent without any hidden fees or surcharges. The same honesty is reflected in our staff and cleaners with open and transparent communication.


We are always trying to offer the best experience and convenience to our customers. From confirmation emails and instant messaging to payment, customer support, and service feedback.

Win for Everyone

We deem customer satisfaction as the most important part of our work and there’s more to us than simply getting the job done.


Our fully automated online booking system is simple yet streamlined. With just a few clicks you can opt for the best home cleaning Melbourne without any hassle. In less than a minute you will receive the confirmation of your booking. On the same day, you will also receive the details of cleaning appointments with our cleaners showing up right on time, equipped fully to take care of your home.

Customer Experience

Our house cleaning Melbourne services are designed for enriching customer experience. The testament of our service is evident by your happiness and experience. Hence, we constantly communicate with our clients for feedback, reviews, ratings and special promotions because we believe in building relationships over completing jobs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Dedicated passionately to provide the best house cleaning service Melbourne, we aim to scintillate every room and corner of our customer’s home so that your home feels the most beautiful place in the universe. We aspire to deliver a seamless and pristine experience from booking to cleaning to customer satisfaction and hence, we let out actions speak for ourselves.

No, there is no deposit required. All the payments are to be made post-completion

Yes, we aspire to provide exemplary service and full customer satisfaction with our professional and top of the line cleaning equipment.

The everyday working hours for our cleaning team are 10 AM to 10 PM daily; every day of the week. We can take any bookings at any time of the day. We can do late-night cleans if it suits you better.

As per our standard policy, we always sent out a team of two members sometimes with an extra cleaner if need be. For small jobs (Studio/Touch-Up/1BR/2BR), if you feel with a small team of two is too much we can send one.

In general, cleaning costs are based on the size and number of rooms in a home. However, as per statistics, the average rate of one cleaner in Melbourne is $30/hour.

Based on the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in your home, we will calculate a flat-rate catering to your cleaning needs. In addition to beds and baths, we will also clean living halls, kitchens and dining areas in the flat rate price. But, any additional rooms such as home-office, study-room or theatre will be considered as a bedroom for flat-rate home cleaning.

The duration of cleaning your home depends on its condition. On an average though, it would take one hour per bedroom. Thus, if you have a 3 bedroom house, the average cleaning time would be anywhere between 3-4 hours.

Domestic cleaning refers to cleaning of bedrooms, bathrooms and other areas of your home by a professional team of cleaners possessing expertise in a variety of cleaning tasks.

On an hourly basis, cleaners would follow a list of priorities provided by you or follow their expert initiative to focus on specific areas of your home. The focus is mainly on detailed cleaning and not rushing through everything. However, there is no fixed list of tasks to follow and the cleaners are more flexible with their work.

You can simply click on book now, enter the requested details and we will confirm your booking as soon as possible. Moreover, we shall also confirm the appointment and the visiting time on the same business day by an email. In case of any other queries, you can reach out to our customer service via a simple phone call.

Absolutely not! The choice is yours completely. All we need is the key to clean your house. If you wish to utilize that time in other productive activities you are happy to do so.

We respect our commitment towards you and in an event where you are not completely satisfied with our cleaning service, we will try to understand your grievances and address it with the below procedure: ⦁ Call our customer service within 24 hours of your cleaning and raise the relevant issues faced by you ⦁ A grace period of 24 hours is provided for Move-In/Move-Out cleaning. ⦁ We shall re-schedule cleaning at no additional costs on the next business day. The cleaning team returning to your home will specifically address your concerns. Kindly note that to be eligible for refund/credit it is must to complete the re-cleaning within 7 business days of the last booking. ⦁ Post, re-cleaning, if you are still unsatisfied by our service, we will review your grievances and fairly refund/provide you with a credit if we are unable to address your concerns.

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